Spéir Air

Case study on booking a flight - Professional Diploma in UX Design

User Research

Design Thinking



6 months


UX Research, design


Native  IOS and Android


UX Design Institute


Conduct research and user tests on existing airline apps and use your findings to design a new mobile app; from initial sketching and flow diagrams, right through to testing a prototype.


Create an frictionless online booking experience for a mock airline and validate the experience through testing. Receive a university credit-rated UX Diploma from the UX Design Institute.


01 - Research

Benchmarking, Surveys, Note taking, Usability testing

02 - Design thinking

Affinity diagram, Customer Journey map, Flow diagrams, Sketches

03 - Design and Test

Prototypes, Testing

04 - Hand off

UI Library, Wireframes

Key Insights

Job to be done

The core job to be done when arriving to a new flight app is book a flight and find out costs.


 Retaining customers attention is crucial to completing the long journey of booking a flight, this includes frictionless form entry a convincing timeline.


The consistency in the experience typically falls apart at the latter part of the flight booking journey. This is when customers are presented with form entry details, add ons and payment.

04 - Hand off

UI Library, Wireframes

Spéir Air / 01. Research / 01.1 Benchmarking / 01.2 Surveys / 01.3 Note taking / 01.4 Usability test

01.1 - Benchmarking

Learn how the industry standard approach the problem of users booking a flight. How can UX promote returning customers. From assessing Skyscanner, Ryanair, KLM and FREE NOW the key insights where defined by Usability, Credibility, Loyalty and Appearance.

More results here

01.2 - Survey outcomes

• Returning to a pre existing booking to review the purchase is important.
• Price comparison is key to user job to be done
• Core job to be done is book a flight.
•  Covid is a huge concern and knowing that the airline is taking the correct safety precautions is crucial to booking. 
More results here.

More results here

01.3 Note taking

• Selling accommodation and car rental on the platform while the job to be done is a painful waist of time for people.
• Customers want immediate display of full price of ticket, booking fee and bags, while providing  extra content
unsure of price packages and what the user gets for the money spent.

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01.4 - Usability test

Check out how I conducted a interview and how to define questions to answer the problems that need to be solved.  

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Spéir Air / 02. Design thinking / 02.1 Affinity diagram / 02.2 Customer Journey map  / 02.3 Flow diagrams / 02.4 Sketches

02.1 Affinity diagram

Working with Andrew and Kate I remotely conducted an Affinity diagram workshop to find patterns within the research. This ended in grouping all the post it notes into 5 categories and 16 sub categories that resulted in key findings in our research.

More results here

02.2 Customer Journey map

From the analysis of my raw research data and Affinity map I could conduct a CJM. This helped me understand the important trend of dissatisfaction within the add on and payment section of the traditional journey.

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02.3 Flow diagrams

Using previous tasks to inspire the first flow and help create the core route through the app. This has given the first indication of the structure of the app while keeping in mind what user emotion, interactions and obstacles are in the way of this job to be done.

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02.4 Sketching the flow!

Starting with (fake) pen and paper, I began sketching various solutions, that addressed some of the issues uncovered within our design thinking.   

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Spéir Air / 03. Building and testing / 03.1 Prototype LoFi  / 03.2 Test  / 03.3 Prototype HiFi  / 03.4 Test

BAM!!  The low fidelity prototype is born!

Testing the flow, validating the research and formulated prototype.

User test one conducted with: Aoife Kavanagh

Listen to the interview



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